AUGUST 10th and 11th, 2018

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Overflow Camping

If you did not have a site number from last year do not register for a site this year!! If you had a site and know your site number go ahead and register but only register for the site number you had last year.
Last year's attendees that registered with us have until March 26th to claim their site that they had last year the morning of March 27th the site will be open to the public and any site will be available to anyone.

Campsites are 20'x40'. Keep in mind your tow vehicle must also fit on your site. If they do not fit we would suggest parking them in the Spectator Parking. Also, there are trees in rows K and L in overflow camping. Sites K1 - K16 and L1 - L16 have trees. Some of the trees are in the middle of the site so are not recommended for bigger camping units.

Check-in starts Thursday at 9:00am.

Please do not park your vehicles in the aisles of campground or swap areas. Aisles need to remain clear for event staff vehicles to pass easily as they go about their business.

Please be mindful of your neighbors, inside the grounds quiet time is at 11:00pm. Overflow camping is the exception, quiet time is in rows J, K and L are at 11:00pm. So if your group likes to stay up late and party try camping down in rows Q, R or S. However, while you are having your fun please remain respectful of your neighbors.


 NEW RULES FOR THIS YEAR!! NO BIG STEREOS! Nobody wants to feel your music 4 campsites down from yours. If you are wanting to play music that loudly go to Rock USA or Country USA for that type of camping. THIS RULE WILL BE HEAVILY ENFORCED THIS YEAR.

To keep the staff and your neighbors happy please keep your sites clean. There are garbage dumpsters located at the south end of Overflow camping. Also, there are trash and recyclable receptacles located throughout the grounds for your convenience.

Click here for further questions regarding Show Rules or Vehicle Criteria.

Pre-register now to get your pick of the sites.

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See You Next Year!